PRU14 : My speculation

Malaysia would be worse of than now if Tun DM were to replace DS Najib as PM

🇲🇾 When Sdr Anwar Ibrahim (Now DSAI), then was ABIM’s president, wanted to join UMNO, some ABIM friends apposed it. However many too did support him.

I told some friends in the ABIM that if Anwar were sincere in his fight for Islamic state, he would never become the PM.

My speculation was proven right when DSAI was sacked with such a great humiliation in 1998. In 1988 (10 years before), the Chief of Justice (Tun Salleh Abas) was sacked from his post, together with a few senior justices.

I don’t deny that DS Najib had done sone bad things for the nation (e.g. 1MDB). But has he not done some good things too ?

I don’t agree that Tun DM were to become our next PM merely to replace DS Najib.

To me, DS Najib is the product of Tun DM. He (Tun DM) is equally to be blamed for what DS Najib had emulated him. guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari*

I have lost my faith in Tun DM. To me he is still not an honest and sincere leader as I saw him before.

My speculation is Malaysia will be worse of than now if Tun DM were to replace DS Najib as PM.

Tun DM himself had ever said it is better the devil that you know than the angel *that you do not know

Yes, I did agree with him but the word angel should be changed to saint

To me, the devil is BN led by DS Najib and the saint is PH led by Tun DM.

Anyway, may be this time, my prediction might not be as good as the previous one.

Wallahualam 🌱

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