Covid19: undeniable fact?

2019 Jan 24 the package was introduced. How come ?

2020 May 07 (Thur)

OMG 😲! This is probably, the most damaging vid of the year, for the US of A!

Trump signed the US$2.2T Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) on 27th March 2020.

Guess when the bill for the Act was TABLED in Congress? 24th January 2019!!! These bastards introduced the Bill in the House more than ONE YEAR AGO on 24/1/19!

Typically, Bills take more than a year to wind its way through Congress before it is finally passed into law and becomes an Act!

See the Congressional Records in the pix below. It shows the progress of the Bill, as it moves its way through the House Ways and Means Committee, all the way up to Debate in the House on 17/7/19, and after being passed in the House, continue winding it’s way up to the Senate for ratification before finally ending up on Trump’s desk for signing on 27/3/20.

Bloody Heck! The US knew in advance of the pandemic in 2019! That dumbass, Trump, may not know the details in 2019, but for sure CONGRESS KNEW!

So the coronavirus in Wuhan was bio-warfare and Trump was so confident that there’d be no problems in the US, because he must have been advised that the US was prepared, or that the US strain of the virus was mild, but it turned out to be false. In all likelihood, the Democrats wanted a full-blown crisis, as an excuse to topple Trump.(Trump was so confident, he’d advised Americans not to wear masks)

So now, after the debacle, they have to resort to anti-China bashing, to divert attention! Who would ever guess that these politician-bastards in the US of A, can be soooo dastardly?


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COVID-19: American leaders spinning lies to blame China

B e r s a m b u n g ….

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The package was first introduced in
2019 Jan 24. How come ? 🌷

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