Creative #14103 Pretty Number and Easy Number


Pretty Number and Easy Number

Q : What is a “ PRETTY ” number”
A : It is a telephone number that is nice to look at by most people.
Q : Could you show me some examples of “ PRETTY ” numbers
A : 01?-5666555, 01?-2425533, 01?-2921111 and many many more
Q : What is an ” EASY ” number then ?
A : It is a telephone number that can be remembered EASILY.
Q : Can you show me some examples of “ EASY ” numbers ?
A : 01?-9485426, 01?7425533, 01?-9375683 and many many more.
Q : Sorrry ! I do not see those numbers as easy to remember. Could you make it more plain to me please.
A : If you analyse number 9485426 you would agree with me that it could be remembered as “ ZHULiAN ”. Similarly if you analyse number 7425533 it could be remembered as “ SHAKLEE ” while 9375683 as “ YesLove ”. Hence by just remembering them as the words that they could form, you would automatically remember the numbers.
Q : Do you mean that, by pressing the button that contains that particular alphabet I will finally get the contact number that I want ?
A : Yes you are smart ! When you press the button that has “Zz” on it, the number 9 will appear on your handset screen. Then when you press the next button that has “Hh” on it , number 4 will pop up on the handset screen. So is when you press the following button “Uu” the number 8 will appear. That goes for all the others.

Hence we could create a table as below:

Numbers = Words

9 4 8 5 4 2 6 = Z H U L i A N

7 4 2 5 5 3 3 = S H A K L E E

9 3 7 5 6 8 3 = Y e s L o v e

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Q : You have a good idea. How did you get it ?
A : Well, it is not my idea at all. I just learned it from somewhere. In USA some companies had been using it for quite some time already on their companies’ contact numbers. For example “1-800-DAYS INN“, “BookMan”, “???Avon”, “MeatMan” and ect. Thus I just adopted the good idea and applied it onto my business enterprise’s contact number. The name of my business enterprise is XL -Edict Enterprise. “ XL ” It is the short form for “Excel”, while “Edict” is the short form for “Electronic Dictionary”. So my business contact number is 013- 95 33428 which could be EASILY remembered as 013 XL Edict.
Q : Do you have any EASY number that you want to sell ?
A : Yes I do have a couple. If the price quoted is commensurate with the effort that I had put in (plus the cost that I had incurred) to acquire the number, then I am willing to sell it. For example the number 01?- SHAKLEE had cost me a lot of money. Therefore I will not depart from it unless the price quoted is very attractive.

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