A lesson to be learnt


It’s a lesson, yet to be learnt

I’m crying in silence,
Of the fame and the shame,
Of all the blames,
Which you consider just a game, And you’re playing it again and again

While you welcome and entertain,
Those who are adding fuel to flame,

Your new life will never be the same again. What you desire is merely a change

It’s a lesson , yet to be learnt.

You claim you wanna progress,
That’s why loudly, you protest, and detest,Openly, you embarass,
Me and the rest,
Who always pray for the best,
For you and all of us.

I’m observing from the distance,
How from being humble you’re becoming arrogant,

Thus several little hearts will be broken,
Warm relationships before, now shaken, torn and frozen and away you’ve thrown,
You wanna move on, alone,
And leaving us all behind waiting for your return.

Though we give in, we’ll never give up,
Unwillingly we let you step up and up,
Should one day, you’re unable to catch up,
We’d always be here to pick you up.

Have trust and faith, always,
In God’s grace.

By Cikgu Endon Bidin.


Wild World


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~ by OPajar on 2017-11-10.

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