Ideologi: komunisma dan kapitalisma

Komunis bersikap seperti monyet di dlm video di atas🌹

2020 Mei 31 (Ahad)

Contoh negara yang mempraktikkan ideologi komunisma ialah China.

Contoh negara yang mempraktikkan ideologi kapitalisma ialah Amerika Syarikat.

Walaupun sejak berkurun lamanya majoriti umat manusia percaya bahawa sistem ekonomi kapitalisma lebih baik daripada sistem ekonomi komunisma, namun kini negara China telah berjaya membuktikan bahawa kepercayaan tersebut adalah salah. Sistem komunisma kini terbukti mampu memberi kehidupan yang jauh lebih selesa kepada seluruh umat manusia.

Apa sebabnya sistem komunisma lebih berjaya ? Sebabnya ialah kerana komunisma lebih mengutamakan kepentingan jemaah daripada kepentingan segelintir manusia yang tamak lagi rakus yang bergelar kapitalis. Islam sentiasa memupuk umatnya supaya hidup secara bejemaah kerana ia membawa berkat kepada suluruh alam.

Almost impossible for USA to have public transports like in China due its strong capitalistic principle 🌹

Malangnya rata-rata umat Islam hanya mempraktikkan konsep berjemaah dalam aspek ibadat sahaja seperti solat berjemaah. Sedangkan dalam aspek politik dan ekonomi ianya tidak dipraktikkan sebagaimana sepatutnya. Kewujudan jurang pendapatan yang begitu ketara di dalam masyarakat umat Islam sejagat adalah manifestasi bahawa kepentingan jemaah tidak diutamakan mengikut aspirasi Islam yang sebenarnya.

C & P ⬇️

By George Soros

If you are an American not living in a very remote & isolated place, how come you don’t know that :-

🔸 400,000+ Chinese students are studying /living in America and each year they will spend about 30 billion US Dollars in America ?
There is no any other single country that can contribute so much to the American economy & education.
Imagine how many teachers will lose their jobs if these Chinese students are not here?

🔸 Do you know that there are about two million Chinese visitors each year coming to the US?
Do you not notice that all major tourist sites & stores in the US have signs in the Chinese language?
Each Chinese tourist will spend $6,000-$7,000 in America;
imagine how many jobs have been created by that.

🔸 Do you know that China will purchase about 7,000 Boeing aircraft in the next 20 years
(China has already bought thousands of Boeing planes).
Is there any other country that contributes so much to America’s economy?
But the trade war will be a nightmare for Boeing; China will buy more from Airbus now.

🔸 Do you know that besides America and Russia, China is also able to send astronauts to space and has the ability to build a permanent space station?
China is the first country that has landed a probe to the ”dark side” of the moon.

🔸Wonder if you know that the railroad & new trains in Africa built by Chinese are even better than rail / trains in America?
And LA, Boston, NYC all have ordered subway trains made in China and the first group of newly China-built trains have been in operation in Boston subway.
By the way , high speed train systems are all over China with a speed of 350 km/ hour while here in the USA we don’t have any of it. Even in the richest state – California -we don’t have funds to build one.

🔸Do you know that China is the biggest overseas market for three major US automakers ?
In 2017, Buick sold 1,229,804 cars in China, Ford sold 951,396 and Chevrolet sold 538,671.
Isn’t that the dream of any automaker in the world?

🔸Maybe you don’t know that in 2017 China Box office Hollywood movies raked in 3.26 billion US dollars ?
Is there any bigger overseas market for Hollywood ?

🔸Do you know that the Chinese have bought many American icon businesses including Forbes Magazine, Chicago Stock Exchange, AMC (2.6 billions), Smith Foods (7.1 b), Legendary movie studio (3.5 b), GE Appliance division (5.4 b), The Waldorf-Astoia (2 b), Ingram Micro )6 b), Motorola (2.9 b), Ritz-Carlton (3.9b).

🔸If you are an American, do you know that the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which owns more than $1.24 trillion?
Without borrowed money from China, the US government will be closed.

🔸Do you know that without China’s vote, the UN could not pass sanctions against N. Korea?

Obviously people don’t know these facts because they don’t get any positive news from the American media,
no matter if the media is left or right, CNN or FOX.
*American and Western media don’t like to tell people the truth about China. *
They only feed you negatives news about China. 😨

B e r s a m b u n g. ……

PenCERAHan yg relevan ⬇️

Tiga Khong yg Acik kenal

Ini bukanlah suatu projek yg mustahil dilaksanakan oleh China 🌹

PenCERAHan terbaru ⬇️


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