Racism: Islam totally prohibits it

Racism habours enmity among the multi racial society which might lead to choas in the country 🌹

2020 Jun 07

⬆️ The above incident had been construed as an act of racism and had sparked a very destructive social unrest in the USA 🌹
The victim on the wheel chair was incable of raising up his hands as ordered by the police. He happened to be a black man.
This is just one of the consequences due to an act of racism ⬆️

However ⬇️

One of the best disclosure made by a black american on the floyd issue… must watch

I Do Not Support George Floyd

She Was Simply Awesome 👏
One Needs Guts To Speak Out 👍
And She Spoke From Heart🙏

Please Listen To Her Sharing The Truth And The Facts ✅


There should be common restrooms for all. No more discrimination due to skin colours 🌹

Relevant EnLIGHTenment ⬇️

Kezaliman yang nyata https://4uni2c.com/2020/06/01/kezaliman-yang-nyata/

The latest EnLIGHTenment ⬇️ http://www.4uni2c.com


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