4uni2c # 13602 SPR, Do Not Blame The Mirror For Your Bad Image.

4uni2c #13603 SPR: Do Not Blame The Mirror For Your Bad Image

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SPR, Do Not Blame The Mirror For Your Bad Image

Mirror is an object which is normally used for viewing our own image. Practically every home has a mirror each. Some even have more. The difference between a good quality mirror and the bad one is that the former shows the image of an object exactly as it really is, while the latter shows it with some distortion. One phenomenon of a mirror is that it does not show the right side of an object as its right side. Instead, it shows the right side as its left side and the vice versa. Hence, it  gives us some difficulty to read a writing reflected in a mirror. Example, we could not easily figure out or read the plate number of the following vehicle behind us by viewing it through the side mirror of our car.

Despite the phenomenon as mentioned above, we could take for granted that a mirror is a good “friend” of ours because it helps us to identify our bad showings. In other words, if we have bad showings like over applying cosmetic material on our face, the mirror will “tell” it to us exactly. It never cheat us by flattering us or by showing our bad image as good.

Though mirror could help us to correct our physical weakness, it does not care about the other aspects of ourselves which are more important.  No mirror could identify our bad characters, dirty habits, bad values that we subscribed to, and etc. Hence, we have no choice except to depend on the “big mirror”.   The big mirror here I meant the fellow human beings surrounding us most of the time.  If most of them portrayed our personal image as good, then the chances are we are  genuinely good individuals. So is the other wise.

I wish to relate this analogy to the recent General Election. Most people who were concerned about the quality of an election procedure had portrayed a very bad image for the SPR. If the body had discharged its duty responsibly and with acceptable integrity,  surely  the image that had been portrayed by the people about it in general, was favorable. Hence, SPR should not blame the parties who painted its image as horror.  As the saying puts it, “do not blame the mirror for your bad image

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