Love you endlessly !


🇲🇾 Love you endlessly ….

I know you’re confused,
So you refuse.
I know you’re tough,
So you wanna be rough.
You shout out loud,
and feel proud
You wish to be heard
Of your sorrows and hurt,
Of your achievements and all about,
All the while you’ve been good,
Suddenly you become rude.
You always think big
Thus people say that you are sick.

Everything seems not right,
and you’re ever ready to fight.

Though now you’re a mummy,
How I wish you were still my baby,
I wanna hug you like I used to do,
And keep on tirelessly telling you,
that I love you and will always love you,


By Cikgu Endon Bidin


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~ by OPajar on 2017-11-12.

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